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    Click here for more information on hybrid heat systems.


    Changes and advances in technology allow for new takes on old systems, or the combination of two or more technologies to create something completely different and highly effective. One such combination is found in new Dual Fuel heating systems, which is a unique approach that joins an electric heat pump and natural gas furnace technology.


    Dual Fuel heating systems work in a manner very similar to that of a hybrid car. A Dual Fuel system consists of two components; one is an electric powered heat pump, the other is a natural gas furnace. How does it work? The electric heat pump serves as the primary heating source. When outdoor temperatures drop below 30 degrees, your gas furnace takes over. This results in lower heating bills as much as 50%* from the increased usage of electricity over expensive natural gas.


    Another benefit of the Dual Fuel system is that they are also environmentally safe. By reducing fuel usage, you are not only saving money as much as 50% on your home’s heating bill, but also doing your part in helping to save our environment from harmful gas emissions.


    Trane Dual Fuel Hybrid Home Heat Systems are just one of the many ways we supply customers with unmatchable efficiency and comfort. For more information about this cutting edge idea, local utility rate reductions and efficiency rebates, contact your expert comfort consultant today.

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    * If used as directed. Savings may vary depending on region and usage.

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