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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks San Antonio Homeowners Can Tackle

Like any complex equipment, your air conditioner requires maintenance. Scheduling a spring tune-up through your HVAC consultant will help you keep your A/C in top form. Many of the tasks the technician performs during annual air conditioner maintenance visits require expertise and training, but others can be tackled by the homeowner with just a basic knowledge of how the A/C runs.

Here are some tasks you may want to undertake before your technician arrives.

  1. Replace or clean your air filter. A dirty air filter is the number one reason for an air conditioner’s poor performance. Change the filter at least once a month during the cooling season. If you have a reusable filter, clean it regularly.
  2. Air seal your home. No matter the season, you don’t want conditioned air leaking out or heat/cold from outside seeping in. Use weatherstripping around doors and caulk around windows to prevent air leaks.
  3. Check your outdoor condenser for leaves and debris. Remove leaves, weeds, grass clippings or other obstructions within a two-foot radius around your outdoor condenser. Check it regularly for obstructions and debris.
  4. Check the condensate drain. Located in the indoor side of your air conditioner, condensate drains may be difficult to gain access to, particularly if the A/C is in an attic. Ask your HVAC technician if you don’t know where it is. Your A/C draws in dust, dirt and other particulates as it takes in air, and some of that may clog your condensate line. If you can easily gain access to the line, run a stiff wire through it to dislodge debris and ensure free flow of condensation into the drain pan.
  5. Check the coils for dirt buildup. There’s a condenser coil outdoors and an evaporator coil indoors. Check your manual for how to gain access to them and use a foaming cleanser to clean them. Use a fin comb (available from a home improvement store) to straighten bent fins.

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