Learn about the Benefits of a Variable-Speed Furnace

Learn about the Benefits of a Variable-Speed Furnace

The San Antonio area’s fall and winter seasons delivers us a wide range of weather conditions. With a variable-speed furnace, you’ll be able to enjoy stable, comfortable indoor temperatures in either season.

Advantages of Variable-Speed Furnaces

The blower fan motors in older, mid-efficiency furnaces work on only two speed settings: high and low. Often, the lower, more energy-efficient setting is quite enough to keep a home comfortable, so the furnace only kicks into high when it needs to meet higher-than-normal heating or cooling demands.

A variable-speed furnace isn’t limited to two speeds. It runs on any speed within a set range, usually between 30 to 100 percent of its operating capacity. The microprocessor that controls the motor can select the most energy-efficient speed for any heating or cooling demand.

Greater Savings and Comfort

Thanks to its ability to fine tune its speed for optimum energy efficiency, a variable-speed motor provides great energy savings no matter how much heat or cooling your home needs. A variable-speed furnace will meet around 80 percent of the average home’s needs while running at far lower speeds, which results in overall lower energy bills.

A conventional furnace pushes out a great amount of air quickly before shutting off, leading to uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. A variable-speed furnace runs for longer cycles at lower speeds and this means it heats your home gently, preventing temperature swings and eliminating cold and hot spots. In summer, the motor’s longer cycles allows your A/C more time to reduce humidity, improving your comfort.

Longer cycles mean your home’s air will be drawn through the furnace air filter more often. This results in better air filtration and indoor air quality.

A motor running on a lower speed is less noisy, so you can enjoy a quieter home. Lower operational speeds also place less wear and tear on the motor, enabling it last longer.

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