Pleasanton is a city located in Atascosa County, Texas. Its motto is “The City of Live Oaks and Friendly Folks.” Pleasanton was established in 1858, when settlers moved to this location to escape the conflict with the Native Americans. The town itself is named after John Pleasants, a good friend of John Bowen, San Antonio’s first Anglo-American postmaster. Pleasanton is also known as the “home of the cowboy,” as there was a need for ranch hands to watch over livestock, and to keep them safe from the looming raids by the Native Americans who lived near Pleasanton. By the late 1800s the Indian raids ceased, and Pleasanton would become known as the center of the cattle business in Texas.

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Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning of San Antonio has been providing air conditioning repair and installations, as well as heating repair and installation services to Pleasanton for over thirty years. Heating and Cooling the greater San Antonio area is what we do best! So you never have to sweat out the heat with a faulty central air conditioning system, or be forced to bundle up should your furnace system fail to keep you warm during an unwelcome cold snap.

Providing ac repair services and air conditioner system installations is a known specialty of our skilled technicians serving Pleasanton. Deciding whether you need maintenance services or a brand new system can be difficult, and if not approached properly can result in accumulating unnecessary expenses. Whether heaters or air conditioners, our technicians will complete a repair vs. replace worksheet to help you determine the most cost effective solution for you and your family. Even though we at Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning carry all the top brands of heater and ac equipment, you can be sure we will find the optimal solution that is right for you.

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