Whole-House Air Filtration or Cleaning: 4 Types

The air in your San Antonio-area home carries pollen, dust and many other contaminants throughout your home. A whole-house air filtration or cleaning system within your furnace’s ductwork effectively helps eliminate these before they can lodge in your family’s lungs.

Ultraviolet Cleaners

Whole-house air filtration is thought to be as powerful as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Ultraviolet (UV) light disrupts the DNA of little organisms such as viruses and bacteria. UVGI is not a filter though; it purifies your air by killing germs. Used in medical applications and clean-room technology, UVGI is additionally not a do-it-yourself ijob. Your job? Changing that UV bulb biannually.

Electronic Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners, like UVGI, are not filters but help to rid your household air of particulates:

  • volcanic ash
  • animal dander
  • food crumbs
  • insect parts
  • human skin cells
  • sand

Besides organics killed by UVGI, these are all considered part of the wave of air in your San Antonio home. An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) shoots off a high-voltage charge through the air in your ductwork, charging particles and forcing them to electrically stick to a collector. ESPs go to work on smoke particles, while UVGI and mechanical filters do not. While a whole-house air filtration system using ESP requires professional installation, portable models do exist at a fraction of the cost. However, the portable units emit ozone, a lung irritant.

Thin Filters

The thin, rectangular filter often associated with furnaces is either pleated or flat and requires monthly changing to be effective for whole-house air filtration. Your furnace is designed to work efficiently at a very specific airflow. Clogged filters sharply impact furnace efficiency and increase your fuel costs. Pleated thin filters are better than flat filters.

Thick Filters

Imagine five or six pleated filters stacked and inserted into the airflow inside your ducts. A thick filter, some 8 inches of pleated medium that needs annual replacement at about 12 times the cost of a single pleated filter, must be professionally installed into the return air plenum of your ducts. It does do a great job intercepting airborne contaminants.

For more help finding the ideal whole-house air filtration for your San Antonio-area home, contact us at Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning. 

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